Myrtle Beach, S.C.

South Bay Inn & Suites

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520 North Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577   
(833) 585-5251

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City Pizza

City Pizza

Maybe your family or group is getting ready to watch a movie in the room, or maybe you need a quick, tasty lunch and don’t feel like leaving the resort. These would be perfect times to call for delivery or take-out, bu …

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Hammerhead Grill
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Sweet Frog
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Shark Attack Adventure Golf

Do you hear the Jaws’ theme music creeping towards you? Do you feel the “way too calm” waters? It could either be one of two things, you are actually a victim of a shark attack in the movie, or you are playing the …

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Second Avenue Pier
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Our Kids Create
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Azalea Sands

Remodeled in 2009. Azalea Sands offers one of the most attractive golf settings on the beach. Architect Gene Hamm designed a fun course that can be easily played in a three- to four-hour time period, a fact sure to bri …

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Gay Dolphin Gift Cove

Myrtle Beach’s oldest, largest, and most unique gift shop, the Gay Dolphin has been an anchor of the Myrtle Beach community since the 1940s. With its wide selection of sea shells, apparel ,home decor, collectibles, jew …

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