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14. Laser Tag

Laser Tag

Almost every kid has played Capture the Flag at some point in their lives. The game is a team sport that involves each team guarding a small flag, trying to capture the opposing team’s flag, and using basic military strategy to win. When toy manufacturer Milton Bradley came out with the first laser-based Star Trek Phaser toy in 1979, Capture the Flag was changed forever. Laser Tag has progressed from its first clumsy days of the early 1980s to the hi-tech sport that kids and their parents may all enjoy. Harmless light beams are fired from hi-tech guns while vests register “hits” rendering the player “out” or temporarily disabled. The play area has participants weaving around obstacles, looking for shelter. The ultimate goal? Reach your opponent’s target without being disabled, destroy the target, and the game is over. The Grand Strand has had several great Laser Tag arenas for decades. Give it a try, and you’ll be hooked.


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It’s hard to miss the giant upside down southern mansion that seems to have crashed into a restaurant at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach. Opened in 2011, WonderWorks has become the family fun destination for millions of visitors. Part children’s museum, part amusement park, and all fun, WonderWork’s may be best known for its indoor Lazer Tag arena. Outplay, outshoot, and outlast your opponents in this action-packed game.

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Extreme Laser Tag

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One of 12 locations around the U.S. (with two in Myrtle Beach!) Extreme Laser Tag near Restaurant Row (Myrtle Beach) features one of the largest arenas in the area to play this hi-tech version of Capture the Flag. Fun for nearly all ages and abilities, play a single 30-minute game or drop the kids off for hours of supervised fun, or even all day. Group passes, and a video arcade also available.

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Fun Warehouse

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Just as the name suggests, Fun Warehouse has it all; roller skating, bowling, video arcade, pizza bar, climbing rooms, and Laser Tag. Get a Funlimited” play pass and enjoy as much fun as you can, or pick and choose your adventures. The little ones will enjoy multi-level soft-play towers, while teens and adults shoot for the stars with Laser Tag. The bottom line; this is where the fun happens!

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