Myrtle Beach, S.C.

93. Food Festivals

Food Festivals

By now, the word is out that our area is home to a massive amount of Myrtle Beach restaurants and bars, which is a good thing for locals and visitors alike. And one trend that’s gaining momentum among the area’s culinary community are festivals devoted to food and beverages. It’s a good opportunity for chefs and bartenders to show off their products in an environment in which guests can pick and choose and try all kinds of new stuff. It’s really a win-win situation. You know the drill — pay a few bucks, sample the best of what the beach has to offer, hang out and enjoy the day with other like-minded attendees. At this point there are Myrtle Beach festivals and events centered on food, wine, and craft beer in various locations around the Grand Strand. So if you’re one of those people who thrives on trying new things, keep your eye on our calendar to see when and where the next big festival will be taking place.

Little River Blue Crab Festival

The Little River Blue Crab Festival is an annual event that celebrates a fresh local seafood – blue crab! This family-friendly event features tons of vendors selling all kinds of cool goodies, as well as fresh seafood, live music, rides, and tons of fun by the water!

Little River ShrimpFest

Get your shrimp on at the Little River ShrimpFest! This festival takes place each fall on the historic Little River waterfront to celebrate the delicious, locally-caught shrimp. Guests at this event will get their fill of shrimp prepared in different ways as well as over 150 vendors, arts & crafts vendors, children’s activities, live entertainment, and much more. 

Loris Bog-Off

Each October, the town of Loris hosts the famous Loris Bog-Off Festival, which features tons of delicious chicken bog prepared by local chefs. This cooking contest highlights a local dish called chicken bog that features chicken, rice, sausage, and spices. In addition to bog, guests will enjoy live entertainment as well as fireworks, a huge children’s area, and so much fun!

Myrtle Beach Food Truck Festival

Since Myrtle Beach started allowing food trucks a couple of years ago, the Myrtle Beach Food Truck Festival was created to show off the delicious offerings from local food trucks. This festival takes place in downtown Myrtle Beach and includes a wide variety of food from different vendors. 

Myrtle Beach Seafood Festival

Seafood lovers, rejoice! Myrtle Beach hosts an annual Seafood Festival each October in downtown Myrtle Beach. This popular event features delectable seafood dishes from local restaurants as well as live entertainment. This is a family-friendly event. 

Taste of the Town

Over 50 of the Grand Strand’s best eateries team up at this annual event at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center to give guests a taste (or twenty) of what Myrtle Beach restaurants are all about. It’s a night of dinner, drink, live music, and socializing with folks from all over the area, and one that you may find yourself coming into town for year after year. Prizes are awarded by a panel of judges for the best of each category.

Taste of The Coast

North Myrtle Beach’s annual event brings together the area’s best food and drinks in a family-friendly setting, complete with a kid’s play area, live roaming entertainment, and a whole lot more. The event moved to the North Myrtle Beach Park and Complex to accommodate the growing number of vendors and attendees, and this year’s event promises to be as big and fun as ever.